the hand: a tool and connection

While wondering the streets of Seville, Spain, it was not uncommon to hear the phrase: mano a mano. Many believe this translates to “hand to hand,” as in a hand touching another hand, now seen in popular culture as “prayer hands emoji,” or 🙏.

The power of the hands permeates  our world — our hands carry our children, they scrub and scour our kitchen sinks to fight off the grout, they even massage themselves with night lotion before the hours of slumber (see my piece on the importance of night lotion rituals).

So in this day of swiping and tapping and scanning fingerprints and voice-activated smart speakers, how do we maintain a connection with the appendages that set us apart from our fellow mammalkind? My secret: I write everything down.

Yes, everything.

To write everything down is to nurture the connection with my hands. Even this passage is flowing from my mind through my muscles and outputting with the tip of this ballpoint pen (Medium Point, 1.0 mm, Translucent Barrel, Midnight Ink). Of course my personal assistant, Rutger Sillivan, immediately converted my script to text via her gold 13-inch MacBook Air on our XOjet flight from Ojai to Casitas Springs. She is a true original and types 37 words per minute!

Each day I find joy in my daily journaling, calendaring, plotting and perspectiving. Be it my home-crafted banana parchment, or the deliciously organized Ink + Volt yearly planner, it is the pen to paper ritual that centers me.

Reflecting on this takes me back to my days of wanderlust in the streets of Seville, where I spent 36 hours absorbing the culture of this deeply soulful place while  residing at The Club Sevilla Resort. In fact, I believe the citizens of this city (who of course are also citizens of this universe) were finding their grounding and life affirming hand-connection in the midst of chaos: bullfighting, bar brawls, during the Sevilla Fútbol Club match against Atlético Madrid. They utter mano a mano and find their space.

And I hope you find yours.

With you and 🙏,


GG Hawkins